International Society for Analytical Cytometry name change

Changing names is not something we do very often. However, the ISAC leadership believes that it is time to address the issue of who the members of ISAC are and who they represent. We are proposing to change our name to the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry. We believe that this is a very good thing for our membership. It will better represent our members to other societies. It will bring many more scientists into our society; many already in it will feel that the primary society that represents their science carries a more appropriate name. I am asking you to vote "Yes" when asked. The vote will be an internet vote -- another change in operation -- but one that none of you would be surprised at in 2007. 

ISAC will still be ISAC -- but being called the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry is a very positive move for us. It's time for this change and your entire executive leadership and council agreed without exception that it was time to make it. I encourage you to vote for this change. Please listen to the video and read the full text on the ISAC website. I encourage discussion on the topic.

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