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Flow Cytometry - Fluorochromes Table (Tools)

This comprehensive table of Fluorochromes, Fluorescent Proteins, Fluorescent Probes, and Bio-Indicators for Flow Cytometry has been consolidated from various sources online. The listing is in alphabetical order that makes it easy to find. You could also use "find" option (control+F in PC or command+F in Mac) to locate an entry faster. You could suggest us to add an entry if you do not see something you are looking for.

Fluorochrome/Fluorescent Protein/Probe/IndicatorEx (nm)Em (nm)MWOligomeric StateMol. Ext. Coeff (e)Quantum Yield (QY)Brightness (exQY/100)Comments/Use
7-aminoactinomycin D (7-AAD)546647     CG-selective
AcGFP148451027  0.8227 
Acridine Orange503530/640     DNA/RNA
Alexa Fluor 350343442410 19000   
Alexa Fluor 4054014211028 34000   
Alexa Fluor 430434540702 16000   
Alexa Fluor 488499519643  0.92  
Alexa Fluor 500503525700 71000   
Alexa Fluor 514517542714 80000   
Alexa Fluor 532530555724  0.61  
Alexa Fluor 5465615721079  0.79  
Alexa Fluor 5555535681250 1500000.1150 
Alexa Fluor 568579603792  0.69  
Alexa Fluor 594590617820 730000.64467.2 
Alexa Fluor 6106106291285 138000   
Alexa Fluor 6326326481200 100000   
Alexa Fluor 6476526681300  0.33  
Alexa Fluor 6606636901100 1320000.37488.4 
Alexa Fluor 6806807021150     
Alexa Fluor 7006967191400 1920000.25480 
Alexa Fluor 7507527761300     
Alexa Fluor 7907828041750     
Allophycocyanin (APC)650660104     
AmCyan458489  400000.2496 
AmCyan1458489 tetramer 0.7529 
Aminocoumarin350445330    Succinimidyl ester
APC Cy5.5650690      
APC Cy7650774      
APC/Alexa Fluor 750650774  2400000.12288 
AsRed2576592110tetramer 0.2113 
Azami-Green492505 tetramer 0.7441monomer available
Azurite383447 monomer 0.5514 
B ODIPY FL C5-ceramide488500     Golgi Labeling
BCECF-AM403528     pH
Bis-oxonol DiBAC2(3)493560     Plasma membrane potential
Calcein496517 623   pH > 5
Calcein AM494517     Mitochondrial Transition pore
Caroxy-H2DCFDA504529     H2O2
Cascade Blue398420596 290000.5145 
Cascade Yellow402545  250000.56140 
Cell Tracker Green492517     Cell tracking
Cerulean433475 Monomer 0.6227 
CFSE494514     Cell Proliferation
Chromomycin A3445575     CG-selective
CM-H2DCFDA495529     H2O2
Cy2489506714  0.12  
Cy3514, 547566767 1500000.15225 
Cy3.5581594;(640)1102  0.15  
Cy3B558572;(620)658  0.67  
Cy5(625);650670792  0.28  
Cy5.56756941128  0.23  
Cy7743767818  0.28  
CyPet435477 Monomer 0.5118 
DAF-FM495515     Nitric Oxide
DAF-FM diacetate495515     Nitric Oxide
DAPI359461  270000.58156.6AT-selective
DCFH (2'7'Dichorodihydrofluorescein)505535529    Oxidized form
DHR505534346    Dihydrorhodamine 123, oxidized form,
Dihydrocalcein AM494517     H2O2
Dihydrorhoadamine488525     H2O2
Dihydrothidium518605     Superoxide Anion
DiLC1(5)638658     Mitochondrial membrane potential
DiOC6(3)488500     Mitochondrial membrane potential
DiOC7(3)488500     Mitochondrial membrane potential
dKeima-Red440616 dimer 0.318 
DRAQ5647681697413    usable excitation down to 488
Dronpa-Green503518   0.8581photoswitchable
DsRed monomer55759228monomer 0.13.5 
DsRed tetramer554591 tetramer    
DsRed-Express2554591   0.4215 
DsRed2 ("RFP")563582110  0.5524 
dTomato554581 dimer    
DyLight 350353432      
DyLight 405400420      
DyLight 488493518      
DyLight 549562576      
DyLight 594593618      
DyLight 633638658      
DyLight 649654673      
DyLight 680692712      
DyLight 750752778      
DyLight 800777794      
E.coli BioParticles AF488495519     Phagocytosis
E2-Crimson611646 tetramer    
E2-Crimson611646   0.2329 
E2-Orange540561 tetramer    
EBFP380440 monomer 0.189 
EBFP2383448 monomer 0.5618 
ECFP434477 Monomer260000.4104 
eFluor 490 NC470490  59500   
eFluor 525 NC505525  57800   
eFluor 565 NC550565  105000   
eFluor 585 NC570585  157000   
eFluor 605 NC590605  253000   
eFluor 625 NC610625  458000   
eFluor 650 NC640650  1110000   
eFluor 690 NC660690  3240000   
EGFP48850726monomer 0.634weak dimer
EGFP*489508  550000.6330 
Emerald487509 monomer 0.6839weak dimer
eqFP650592650 dimer    
eqFP670605670 dimer    
ER-Tracker Blue-White DPX375520     ER Labelling
Ethidium Bromide493620394     
Express2574596 monomer    
EYFP51452726monomer 0.6151weak dimer
Fc OxyBurst Green488525     Superoxide Anion
Fc OxyBurst Green 123 AM488525     H2O2
FITC493525  780000.5390 
Fluo-3506526855    AM ester. pH > 6
Fluo-4494516     Calcium Signalling
Fluorescein495519389    FITC; pH sensitive
Fura-2340-380510     Ratiometric Calcium signalling
Fura-Red458597     Ratiometric Calcium signalling
H2DCFDA495529     H2O2
HcRed158861852dimer 0.030.6 
Hoechst Blue (33258)352455624 400000.59236AT-selective
Hoechst Red (33342)350650616    AT-selective
Hydroxycoumarin325386331    Succinimidyl ester
HyPer420/500516     Hydrogen peroxide sensor
Indo-1360400-5001010    Ratiometric Calcium signalling
Indo-1 Blue (Low Ca2+)350475      
Indo-1 Violet (High Ca2+)330405  330000.56184.8 
iRFP690713 dimer    
J-Red584610 dimer 0.28.8 
JC-1514529-575     Mitochondrial membrane potential
JC-9460-500526-650     Mitochondrial membrane potential
Katushka (TurboFP635)58863526dimer 0.3422 
Katushka2588635 dimer    
Kusabira-Orange548559 monomer 0.631 
LDS 751543;590712;607472    DNA (543ex/712em), RNA (590ex/607em)
Lissamine Rhodamine B570590      
Live/Dead Aqua367526      
Live/Dead Blue350450      
Live/Dead Far Red650665      
Live/Dead Green495520      
Live/Dead Red595615      
Live/Dead Violet416451      
Live/Dead Yellow400575      
LSSmKate2460605 monomer    
Lucifer yellow425528      
Lucifer Yellow CH428536  242000.2150.82 
Lyso Tracker Blue372422     Lysosome labelling
Lyso Tracker Green577590     Lysosome labelling
Lyso Tracker Red577590     Lysosome labelling
mAmertrine406526 monomer    
Marina Blue362459  187000.89166.43 
mBanana540553 monomer60000.742 
mCFP433475 monomer 0.413 
mCherry587610 monomer720000.22158.4 
mCitrine516529 monomer 0.7659 
Methoxycoumarin360410317    Succinimidyl ester
mHoneyDew487537  170000.1220.4 
Midoriishi-Cyan472495 dimer 0.925 
Mito Tracker Deep Red633660     Mitochondrial membrane potential
Mito Tracker Green490516     Mitochondrial labelling
Mito Tracker Orange554575     Mitochondrial labelling
Mito Tracker Red579599     Mitochondrial membrane potential
MitoFluor Green488530     Mitochondrial labelling
mKate (TagFP635)588635 monomer 0.315 
mKate258863326monomer 0.425 
mKeima440620 dimer    
mKeima-Red440620 monomer 0.243 
mKO548559 monomer 0.631 
mKOk551563 monomer    
mNeptune600650 monomer 0.213 
Monochlorobimane380461 226   Glutathione Redox Potential
mOrange546562 monomer710000.69489.9 
mOrange2549565 monomer 0.635 
mPlum589649  410000.141 
mRaspberry597624  860000.15129faster photobleach than mPlum
mRFP158460730monomer 0.25  
mStrawberry574596 monomer900000.29261 
mTangerine568585  380000.3114 
mTarquoise434474 Monomer    
mTFP1462492 Monomer    
mTFP1 (Teal)462492 dimer 0.8554 
NBD466539294    NBD-X
Oregon Green 488496516  760000.9684 
OxyBurst Green H2DCFDA488525     Superoxide Anion
OxyBurst Green H2HFF BSA488525     Superoxide Anion
Pacific Blue403455406 295000.78230.1Maleimide
Pacific Orange403551      
PE (R-Phycoerythrin)480;565578240     
PE Cy5496565670      
PE Cy5.5496565690      
PE Cy7496565774      
PE Texas Red496;565613  116000   
PE-Cy5 conjugates480;565;650670     aka Cychrome, R670, Tri-Color, Quantum Red
PE-Cy7 conjugates480;565;743767      
PerCP482690  320000   
PerCP (Peridinin chlorphyll protein)490675      
PerCP Cy5.5535620      
PhiYFP52553726.8weak dimer 0.452 
PhiYFP-m52553726.8monomer 0.3948 
Propidium Iodide (PI)536617668.4 360000   
Qdot 525350, 405525  360000   
Qdot 545350, 405545      
Qdot 565350, 405565  1100000   
Qdot 585350, 405585  2200000   
Qdot 605350, 405605  2800000   
Qdot 655350, 405655  5700000   
Qdot 705350, 405705  8300000   
Qdot 800350, 405800  8000000   
Red 613480;565613     PE-Texas Red
RFP Tomato554581  690000.69476.1 
Rhod-2530575     Organelle calcium signalling
SeTau-380-NHS270480472 238000.56133Reactive dye
Seta-375-NHS372476514 245000.86211Reactive dye
SeTau-405-Maleimide405518574 138000.5170Reactive dye
SeTau-405-NHS405518549 138000.8110Reactive dye
SeTau-405-Azide405518534 138000.8110Reactive dye
SeTau-425-NHS425545543 42000.3916Reactive dye
Seta-PerCP-68048167636 k 380000  FC-tandem
Seta-R-PE-670566671246 k 2090000  FC-tandem
Seta-555-NHS556571986 1550000.13202Reactive dye (IgG, D/P=1)
Seta-580-NHS578602632 900000.55495Reactive dye
Seta-633-di-NHS6396501454 1920000.33634Reactive dye (IgG, D/P=1)
SeTau-647-Maleimide6486921873 2000000.45900Reactive dye
SeTau-647-NHS6496951846 2000000.611220Reactive dye
SeTau-647-di-NHS6506941752 2000000.651300Reactive dye
Seta-650-NHS6546731271 2000000.37740Reactive dye (IgG, D/P=1)
Seta-650-Azide651671969 2000000.28560Reactive dye
Seta-APC-780651780111 k 1000000  FC-tandem
Seta-650-Maleimide6526721296 2000000.28560Reactive dye
Seta-650-DBCO6536741432 2000000.28560Reactive dye
Seta-660-di-NHS6656751973 2200000.49660Reactive dye (IgG, D/P=1)
Seta-670-Maleimide6676861250 1800000.07126Reactive dye
Seta-680-NHS680701670 2000000.3600Reactive dye (IgG, D/P=1)
Seta-700-NHS6877031052 1770000.06106Reactive dye
Seta-700-di-NHS6967131287 1880000.23432Reactive dye (IgG, D/P=1)
Seta-750-NHS7567831297 2300000.17391Reactive dye (IgG, D/P=1)
Seta-780-NHS7778071232 2150000.0122Reactive dye
TruRed490675695     PerCP-Cy5.5 conjugate
TurboFP60257460226 kdimer 0.3526 
TurboFP63558863526 kdimer 0.3422 
TurboGFP48250226 kdimer 0.5337 
TurboRFP55357426 kdimer 0.6762 
TurboYFP52553826dimer 0.5356 
Venus515528 monomer 0.5753weak dimer
Vybrant CycleDye Violet370435     DNA Live cells
Wild Type GFP396/47550826  0.7716 
X-Rhodamine570576548    XRITC
YOSeta-14925091083 988000.52514DNA Probe
YPet517530 monomer 0.7780weak dimer
ZsGreen1493505105tetramer 0.9140 
ZsYellow1529539 tetramer 0.6513 
Zymosan A BioParticles AF488495519     Opsonization

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