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Flow Cytometry Data Analysis Software (Tools)

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Software from "Verity Software House":

ModFit LT™ : This is by far the most versatile DNA analysis software Verity has ever offered, featuring AutoDebris™, AutoAggregates™, AutoLinearity™, and exceptional batch processing. Powerful database support and an intuitive interface make this software a necessity in your laboratory. ModFit LT is the only software that provides open-ended modeling of flow cytometry histograms. Models for use with cell-tracking dye studies and synchronized cell lines are built right into the software. It is, simply, the industry standard.

WinList™ : Cytometry software designed to be both powerful and easy-to-use. WinList 7.0 raises the bar for flow cytometry data analysis, offering better performance, fabulous 3D graphics, and validated accuracy.

GemStone™ : GemStone is a revolutionary new paradigm for analysis of high-dimensional, flow cytometry data. Based on patented Probability State Modeling technology, GemStone eliminates the problems that have faced flow cytometry analysis for decades, providing a solution that is science-based, data-driven, scalable, and reproducible.

Free Software from Cyflogic:

Cyflogic is a flow cytometry data analysis tool for Microsoft Windows enviroment. It has all "regular" analysis capabilities, such as dot plot, histogram and statistics. In addition, Cyflogic offers new innovative tools for your data analysis. Download Cyflogic from CNET

Gatelogic, a new flow cytometry software:

Imagine seamless multi-platform operation, lightning-fast processing speeds, outstanding stability & reliability, superior FCS compatibility, unprecedented real-time updating, smarter analysis tools, and an elegant user interface. Download a 30 day free trial of this software

Software from BD Biosciences:

BD CellQuest™ Pro Analysis Tutorial

BD FacDiva 6.1.2-Tutorial

This link takes you to BD e-learning site that has tutorials for all softwares

FlowJo (from TreeStar): Download now!

FCS Express (From De novo Software): Download now!

FlowLogic Software:
They have a complete suite (GateLogic, PlateLogic, GraphLogic and Doclogic).
Visit FlowLogic Website to Download

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