Flow Cytometry Network

Flow Cytometry Network (FCN) was founded in 2011 by Javid Mohammed (North Carolina State University), to provide the flow cytometry community an online networking platform to connect with the experts, involve in discussions, help members of the community troubleshoot technical issues, share protocols and data files, and keep updated with research news.

Today, FCN has grown worldwide and the members include Professors, Managers/Directors of Flow Core Facilities, Graduate Students, Technicians and Research Fellows. This diverse community on FCN forms strong knowledge base and adds valuable content that is useful for everyone.

Impressed by the community involvement, FCN has constantly been adding new features and tools to the network. Recent additions include: "Weblinks" (a Digg style hyperlink mining tool handy for researchers while searching literature), "VideoCall" (a video conferencing/broadcasting tool), and a comprehensive Fluorochrome table. FCN has also been migrated to more powerful servers and hosting platform to better serve our growing community safely and securely.

Our Mission: To provide introductory flow cytometry video tutorials; a network to connect with experts and collaborators; access to free software tools for multi-color flow cytometry experiment design, data analysis, fluorescence spectra viewing etc.; free Video conferencing and file sharing; provide a platform for flow cytometry experts to host and promote their content, provide flow based and other assay protocols; Flow Cytometry News, Jobs and Event updates, provide vendors a place to review and improve their products.

We are open to new ideas and partnership/support from individuals, groups or companies who would like to help the research community. Please contact FCN if you are interested in helping FCN to help the research community.


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